Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kissing Procrastination Good-Bye!!

With the help of Brian and Jim, I now have an 8'x2' equipment bench. Last time I showed you my humble work space. This is the first major change made in my space, and hopefully just the beginning.
Getting started...
These boys jammed it out over the weekend and I couldn't be more grateful for their work. The bench includes two much-needed storage shelves. Down the road I'd like to put in one or two shelves above the bench for less frequently used items.
More pics along the way....
The best part is that we used almost all recycled wood. The 2x4's were from the wall that once exsisted upstairs, and the sturdy 4x4 legs were remnants from the outside fence posts. The particle board we had around (I'm thinking it was from the climing wall build). Not once did we have to stop at the hardware store.
Not too long ago I also made myself a shop apron using recycled fabric my brother gave me. Believe it or not this was once a curtain panel...
I haven't worked in my studio (besides clean up and organization), so I might still rearrange things a bit. I need to get a sense of the work space flow before I'm totally settled. But now I REALLY look forward to working here.


  1. Awesome! That must feel pretty satisfying :)

  2. yea, it is really nice to have a taller bench to solder can imagine bending over so much gets old.


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