Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11 Goals for 2011

At first I thought it would be challenging to set out 11 goals, but it turns out I could add to this list pretty easily. The first 3 may look familiar (from my '3 things for 30 post'), but my deadline for those is April. I still have another 8 months of time to be productive and grow.

1. Organize Studio (all things jewelry and related equipment)

2. Organize Craft Room (sewing, paper craft, knitting)

3. Business Design- making/designing business cards and promotional materials (post cards, buttons, flyer's...they are all on the list)

4. File taxes- the first time is always the worst, right? I officially registered Three Birds Jewelry as an LLC in 2010, so that's why taxes will be a bit more complicated. (This goal could include purchasing software to track business transactions...but for now excel will do!)

5. Learn to Cast- this will require taking a class at the Ann Arbor Art center since I do not have the equipment.

6. Learn to Acid Etch- this will be a DIY for me from books...and trial and error I'm sure!

7. Make a Safer Work Environment- I really need to get a better air filtration system in place. I've done most the research I need to do for this, it is more a matter of purchasing.

8. Expand Equipment- I still need to figure out what I need/want most, but in terms of big purchases having a roller press would be awesome. A roller press can be used to texture metal in many ways, creative options are almost endless!

9. Consistent, Good Photos- My photos need improvement. Mostly consistency in lighting and background so my Etsy shop has a more uniform feel. This goal includes re-taking pictures of my currently listed items (ugg).

10. Social Networking (in two ways)-

       ONE- on-line: it can be a time suck, but I need to network on-line so people know what I'm about. I am not looking forward to this one :) Also, any advice on how to do this effectively is appreciated. I would LOVE to hear what you've done to get yourself out there!

       TWO- locally: I have started to connect with my local crafting community through Blue House and it has been a great experience. I would like to meet more locals and indie artists in the Ann Arbor/Yspi area. This includes making a better effort to visit indie craft shows.

11. Sell Locally- I am considering putting some work in a local shop or participating in an indie fair. I have been hesitant in the past for various reasons. One, it can be costly (many shops want 50% of the sale, and both fees at fairs can mean $$). Second, I still have not completely found 'my voice' as an artist. Putting my jewelry in a shop prematurely might not be a good idea. So, I guess you could say goal #11 includes finding my voice.

Most important of all when attempting these goals will be to have fun! Relish the journey.


  1. It makes me happy how many of our 2011 goals overlap :)

  2. Anna, the only thing I could advice u is hold off on expenses for now cos material in Peru is 100 times cheaper. I asked my dad how much for the alpaca wool ball (dont really know how to say it) and he said 19 soles ($7). I have a friend that does jewerly and i will ask her to take u to her spots.

  3. Hey Anna

    Can you make it to the Blue House tonight (rescheduled from last night)? The Maker'sMark speaker is about social networking so you'd hit goal 10 part a AND b!

  4. wow thanks for the heads up about Makers Mark tonight I had no idea! I will see if I can't make it happen!


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