Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jasper Necklace

Over break I managed to make this piece as well, just hadn't taken photos of it till now. I made it with the intention of donating it to the annual Greenhills School fundraiser. But, it has become one of my favorites lately.
There is something haunting and familiar about it.
The familiar feeling comes from the jasper's watery blues, hints of green,  and sandy browns. The colors conjure memories of trips to Lake Michigan beaches. It doesn't help that lately I am obsessed with grays and blues.
Side and Back Views
I have a bit of time to cherish it and make the final decision...there are other pieces I might donate. For now I have used a nice sparkly chain, but it feels slightly too big. Alas, I need to restock my supplies, so until then this is what I've got. 

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