Monday, January 17, 2011

Etching Addict

For some time I've wanted to do some decorative glass etching and when I saw this project in the Oct/Nov issue I finally bought the supplies. Of course I didn't get around to using it until after the holidays, big surprise!

I had to buy the etching stuff on-line since it wasn't available in stores (at least near me).

I wanted to make some custom storage and organization dohicky's for my studio. This was a perfect opportunity to upcycle glass jars. In some instances, I didn't want to be restricted by labels so instead I used decorative shapes.
For others, I used labels. My local craft spots did not have vinyl letters specificly used for etching. I took a $5 gamble and bought some crafting stickers that looked like they might work. I lucked out!
I was immediately addicted to etching, so I decided I would decorate kitchen jars. We 'grind as you go' when it comes to coffee, but the grinder works best with more beans. I store the left overs in a small glass featuring the phrase 'wake up'.
Of course I also have a french press, the grinds for which are more course. To mix it up, I decorated with an organic design I found on one of my favorite blogs. This design convinced me that I need to buy a single hole punch. I was using an office hole punch that is for 3-ring binders and it was kinda a pain.
As you can see, my love for anything crafty seems to be ever expanding!


  1. I love these - great job! Was it difficult/messy to do?

  2. it really isn't that messy. it's just a good idea to make sure your stickers (or tape) are on securely so the paste doesn't seep under.


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