Thursday, January 6, 2011

Silver, your price is killing me!

These days, it is hard to bite the bullet and buy much needed silver supplies. Why, you might ask?

Well, in the summer of 2010 I made a small order and I thought that the price was steep at about $18/oz. Today it rests at $30.9/oz. YIKES! Curious, I looked into the 10 year prices. It seemed to stick near $5/oz until 2006 when it started a gradual increase.

Looking at the 34 year prices I saw that in 1981 silver hit an all time high around $50/oz. But, over all it was a sharp increase up and down...these days the prices seem to be steadily increasing.
So now I'm in a I wait to buy and see if prices go down? Or do I resupply now and risk paying at a peak. What are your thoughts? Anyone know anything about precious metal markets?

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