Friday, October 15, 2010

Humble Beginnings

Earlier this summer when Bri and I hosted a BBQ I was embarrassed when a friend asked to see my jewelry studio. It was a bit of a reck because I had been jammin' it to finish a project...and let's admit it, my 'studio' isn't much more than a used craftsmen bench with drawers that barely open (bought from ReUse Center), my tank, torch, a pickle pot, and a few essential tools. All located in our less than glamorous basement. Not exactly a room with a view, but the cement walls and floor make it a safe working space usable year-round (our garage is not insulated).

So I thought I would chronicle my studio space since I plan to make improvements (slowly but surely). Here are pics of my start.
A view from the top...
I have to give Bri a BIG thanks because he installed the lights above my work station as well as the outlet. We have plans to make my bench an L shape, Bri already installed another outlet. This summer we did a minor remodel in the house; took down a wall and put in wood flooring. We saved the 2x4's from the wall and will likely upcycle them to expand my work space (you can see them peaking into the pics). I also have a peg board on which I plan to hang my tools.

I would love to hear any organizational ideas you have or great DIY blogs/websites you know of, so please be sure to let me know in the comments section below.

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