Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Before and After - Better Photos for my Etsy

Recently my brother gave me a piece of advice about my photos. He said something along the lines of 'I'm not buying a rock' and that I have too much 'white space'. While the composition is good the subject material is not the main focus.

A successful Etsy seller once told me that customers will want to feel like they were holding my pieces. It was only after I spoke with my brother I knew what this Etsy seller really meant. was back to re-taking photos...AGAIN! Additionally, I should say that I only recently found a second macro setting my my camera. So this would also help me get even closer to my pieces. So I thought I would share some before (left) and afters (right) of photos...

Copper Disc Earrings
Mini Hoops in Copper
Orange Coral Ring
Rain Drop Earrings (I did keep the original for one of my views)
Spiney Oyster Hoops (have kept both photos)
Photo's are certainly a work in progress and I'm learning there is always room for improvement. I am happy about the progress, it means I'm working on #9 of my list of 11 goals for 2011, "Good, Consistant Photos"!


  1. I just found this post. Great comparisons - really show the difference. Have you noticed any uptick in views or sales as a result?

    Check out Monet's blog post re: DIY lightboxes too - that's my next etsy project :)

  2. Now these look much better! You just have to practice more to achieve great-looking photos next time! In a jewelry business, creativity is a must. If you want to earn more from your craft, then you should find ways to be more creative and unique. =)


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