Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's raining...hearts?

Over the weekend I managed to get my paper craft on AND take photos. These were inspired by some finds on Etsy and by these decorations I made around Christmas.
I sorta winged it and tried two different ways of making them. I learned two important things;
1. knots work better on top (pink heart, right) than double sided tape between two punch hole remnants (red heart w/blue & white interior, left).

2. use mod podge (and clips while they dry) instead of double sided tape to hold the bottom of the hearts together (or else risk the tension of the paper pulling on the sting, resulting in a malformed heart).

These are currently adorning our dining area, but I will be making a few more for my nieces 4th birthday (which happens to fall on Valentines day).


  1. Would you mind sharing a bit more detail about how to go about making these (a mini tutorial perhaps?)? I have the perfect spot to hang some at home but I'm really bad about figuring things out. I know you're super busy but I just LOVE them :) Great job once again!

  2. Why sure! I might hunker down this weekend and make more for my neice. Stay tuned, I will post photos and instructions.


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