Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DIY Heart Tutorial

I was asked to give a bit more detail on how to make these hanging here I go! I only made 2 sizes of hearts, but if you wanted to make other sizes you'd just need to experiment. Also, I used what I had around, so I'm sure if you wanted to substitute something fancier than sewing thread that could be done too!

Supplies Needed:
Craft paper (12x12 sheet)
Mod Podge (or any craft glue, not sure if a glue stick would work)
binder clips
Sewing thread
Sewing needle
Hole punch

1. For the larger hearts, cut strips of 12" long craft paper 1" wide. Smaller hearts are 6" long by 1"wide. Fold each strip in half.
2. To thread 3 hearts in a row, cut a piece of sewing thread about 3 ft in length, tie a loop at one end (this will be the top of the raining hearts).

3. Originally I either tied a bunch of knots over each other or taped thread between punch hole remnants. I think it's best to sew through a punch hole remnant (see photo) as it is less likely to go through the paper when you pull the thread taught. You could easily substitue a decorative bead or something else in place of the punch hole.
4. At the fold of the heart insert the threaded needle and pull the thread through so the loop and threaded hole punch is on top of the heart.
5. Apply craft glue to the insides of the bottom of the heart (the point), pull the thread taught to form the heart and secure the string and glued ends with a binder clip.
At this point I usually start another strand to give the the glue time to dry.
6. Once the craft glue has dried, remove the binder clip.

7. Re-thread the needle using the string under the first heart and repeat from step 3 above.

Double Heart Instructions are the same as above except you insert the needle through two strips of paper (one strip is 12" the other is 6") at once.

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  1. These are so nice! Thanks for showing us how to make them :)


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