Sunday, December 5, 2010

Patty Pendant

When my brother and his girlfriend Patty visited in September, Patty was sweet enough to bring gifts. Thoughtful gifts too, B Nummy got fudge -the real deal- from Mackinak and she couldn't decide which of two necklaces to get for me so she bought both!

I was bummed when one of the stones came loose in it's wire wrap setting. The stone had slightly chipped. I removed the stone and decided I would take it upon myself to transform the piece.

I wanted to set the stone because it would be more secure and protected. So I started sketches. Here they are so you get a preview of how my brain least sometimes.

The stone was rather soft, I filed the chipped part (at the point) and the ridges that used to hold the write wrap. Good as new!

I didn't want to set it with the point at the top, avoiding an 'expected' setting. My first two drawings felt a little too bulky, so I traced the stone in two directions (3rd drawing, left) to create a mirror image. This brought balance and a lighter feel.

That transitioned into a circle rather than the exact shape of the stone...the wheels were turning! I stared my construction modeling after the 2nd sketch on the right. I had a lot of trouble with this construction, getting solder to flow completely for the bezel was one issue.

I actually meant to do a cut out on the back (3rd drawing, right).  But I got excited when all the soldering was completed successfully. I set the stone before even thinking about the cut out. I think perhaps it wasn't meant to be...even if a cool idea.

Final piece includes some custom chain and has a brushed finish:

Brian said it reminded him of alien crop circles, not sure how I feel about that!? What do you think? Feel free to comment below!


  1. a friend told me she couldn't make a blog post...this is a test :)

  2. ok, now i'm trying to make a post NOT logged into my blogger...

  3. I like it a lot, and admire your originality.

  4. Yay, I can post again!

    It's a beautiful piece. Very impressive.

  5. So beautiful Anna!
    Looks very classy now


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