Friday, December 24, 2010

Fossil Frenzy

There is something really captivating about a fossils to me. Not only the beautiful and sometimes unexpected patterns interest me, but the history the stone represents. Like many Michiganders I have fond memories of collecting Petoskey stones on many beaches.
Unlike Petoskey stones which are fossilized coral and usually have only grey/brown hues, petrified dinosaur bones can vary widely in color. The color depends on which minerals it is petrified with, calcium, silica, or quartz. Though difficult to see, this dino bone has a beautiful pattern of oranges, reds, and brown hues with pockets of white quartz crystals (click to enlarge image).

But enough history and geology...back in the summer of 2006, I bought this cabochon (among others) from a little shop up in Frankfort Michigan. I finally got around to setting it and also made custom chain. I chose to add a carnelian bead to draw out the warm colors in the cabochon.
It is defiantly big, and therefore somewhat of a statement piece. I constructed the bezel somewhat unconventionally, putting a break in it where the rings attach on either side. I liked the visual difference. Overall, I think this piece has a modern clean look, and I like the contrast of modern feel with such an old specimen.

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