Monday, December 20, 2010

Beach Glass- Custom Pendant #2

Remember this post? Well I'm making good on my promise, here are some photos of my process along the way for the second pendant I'm making for Bryan. First, the beach glass pieces, I wanted to show these beauties...I'm jealous I don't get them for myself.
First step, make the base for each glass piece, cut, file and solder to proper shape...
Step two, make a lot of prongs by melting silver wire at one end into balls, file and attach each to the base, add loops to the corner peices...
I was not quite in the clear after adding the prongs. It is a little tricky to estimate exactly how long to make the prongs because each piece varies in thickness. I admit I had to remake a few. To hold the pieces securly a few more prongs were added as well.

Step three, attaching the individual bases to make one uniform base (not cleaned up yet)...

This was by far the most difficult step. Primarily because keeping the solder points of the prongs in tact while joining the pieces is a bit tricky (even when using different temperature solder). You can actually use white out to prevent solder from flowing, but the fumes are pretty rank. So until I get air filtration system in place I avoid using it at home. 

Final outcome...

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