Monday, March 7, 2011

A productive weekend- part 2

Last Sunday was also productive. I made a pair of earrings (for my mom's b-day), another set of stacking rings w/curved discs and a new pair or earrings. The new pair is a copper and silver combo. I used my dapping block to give them a nice curve and finished them with a brushed texture.
I've also been making some necklaces for the show that don't require the use of my torch. They all have a bit of sparkle and femininity about them. These have cut-outs of silver sheet mimicking the shape of the stone.
Guess I have a thing for purple lately, the top stone is faceted amethyst and the second one is Iolite.

None of these pieces will appear in my Etsy shop. In fact, I am planning a 'boycott' of sorts for my Etsy shop for a few weeks; I won't re-list any items or post new ones. This means very little shop traffic. But for now, that's a good thing since I'm trying to build inventory.


  1. I love these! The one piece of metal that looks like a stone adds some nice interest. I understand the hiatus from listing or renewing! This month my etsy bill will eat up a lot of my profits. I'm thinking I got carried away with renewing and may need to find other sources of advertising! Good luck on building your inventory!

  2. I love the purple! I might have to buy something at your show!


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