Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Preview of some Unique Pieces

It's been a little quieter than usual around my blog, I know. I have been busy in my studio (and not so much busy with my camera).

Although I've started (or even completed) construction on many one of a kind pieces, not one is complete yet. Not really surprising given the amount of finishing each one takes...but I thought I would share a preview of some of the stones I'm using.

You may recognize this fossilized coral from an earlier post.
I decided to make a pendant with the matching stone. I am using an interesting but uncomplicated bail and a simple cut out because this stone is just too cool to hide it's wonderful detail. I am also going to use patina (as I did with the ring) to give it character and interest. I'm thinking I will also oxidize the chain and clasp for congruity.

This is a druzy agate. 
A side view...
It has beautiful subtle greens and happy yellows with a few spots of orange. The abundance of tiny crystals has a wonderful sparkle. This stone makes me think 'light' 'airy' and 'delicate'. It is also translucent, so I wanted to do a cut out on the back. You will have to wait and see what I came up with!

A while back I bought a few jasper pieces from my local bead shop. You may recognize this one if you follow me on FB;
Another view...
This is also jasper...
...and it's shape also reminds me a little butterfly happily floating around. So it too is destined to have it's very own butterfly cut out.

You may recall this bracelet I made using a fossilized dinosaur bone;

This specimen of dino bone is quite different. It is a rich red with a really cool stripey pattern.
I've started construction and decided to make this into a necklace as well.

Stay tuned for the finished pieces, I will hopefully roll them out soon.

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