Monday, August 16, 2010

Tiger Eye for Sarah

Sarah contacted me through ETSY with an alchemy request. She wondered if I could make her a pendant using tiger eye, which has sentimental value to her as it reminds her of her late father. I was all about it! She liked the design of this pendant I made, so I sketched out a few designs changing it up quite a bit. She was still drawn to the flowy whimsical design of the opal pendant the most. Sarah was confident in my artistic discretion, so she gave me a lot of flexibility.

Remember that vacation I took? Well, I brought my coping saw and supplies with me so I could start prepping for this construction. While away I was able to cut, file, and shape the bezel, as well as cut out the silver sheet.

Because this Tiger Eye cab is quite a bit larger than the opal and since I didn't want to use the exact design again, I surprised her with a few embellishments and twists on the original design. I also wanted to set the stone so that it's 'stripes' were horizontal, it just looked better to me. In the end I think the adjusted design fit the size of this stone well, and the embellishments produced a feminine feel.
Here is the final product...

What do you think? Does it meet your idea of flowy and whimsical?


  1. I love the whimsy :-) Great way to make a gender neutral stone a little fancy

  2. looking great! Loving the extra embellishment!


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