Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Up, up, and away!

Yet another reason my blog and Etsy have been a wee bit quiet...

We'd been trying to plan a 'stay-cation' for a while and we finally managed to set aside a weekend. One Saturday afternoon we went to some workshops at Irene's where we learned how to give each other neck and head massages, foot massages, and went to a workshop on meditation. Sunday was really the big day though, we ate a big 'ol (overpriced) lunch at Melting Pot and I surprised Brian by scheduling a 'discovery' flight at the Ann Arbor Airport. We went up in a 4 seater with an aviation instructor and had ourselves a blast! Brian flew to Jackson and I got to fly back and have a front seat view when the instructor took us on crazy turns and on a 'pencil drop'. It was an awesome weekend and much needed couples time. Here are a few more pics...


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