Monday, November 29, 2010

Opal Earrings

Lately I have been busy with all things NOT jewelry...building a fence (pics to come at some point) knitting holiday projects...

...and hosting Thanksgiving among other things...

But I have found some time to work on a custom project for a pair of earrings.

Earlier this year a friend (Andrea) bought an opal necklace from me for her daughter's birthday in October. Andrea also wanted me to make some earrings to match as a Christmas I went shopping! I wanted to find something that was similar in shape and color and was lucky enough to find a pair of opals that matched at the Bead Gallery.
In keeping with the 'flowy' design of the pendant, I decided to make a loop at the top of each opal (similar to the pendant), and then to have the ear-wire come through the loop. This would make the earrings dangle with a bit of movement. The outcome...

Stay tuned, I have another custom project for an earrings and pendant set.

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