Monday, June 21, 2010

Larimar Necklace #1

When people see my jewelry (pendants in particular), so many have asked me 'So do you glue that in there?' The short answer is No! The long answer will be given in a series of blog posts answering just how I do what I do. I'm constructing this piece in conjunction with my blog posts.

The Inspiration
For me it almost always starts with a spirt of inspiration. This spirt can come from the cabochon (stone) itself, or maybe a walk in the woods- who knows. This piece was inspired by my trip to the Dominican Republic, and in fact this stone was bought on that trip (thanks to Brian's mad bartering skills). This specimen of larimar is so gorgeous it is inspiration enough. It has a great pattern and highly desired deep blues.

The Sketch
...sometimes ridiculous sketches...sometimes ugly ones...whatever pops into my head. If a design speaks to me...calls me...I go with it. Other times when I just don't feel it I switch gears and come back later. Hears what my minds' eye decided on;

I like the simplicity, after all I wanted to showcase the main beauty of this necklace- the Larimar itself! The design also allowed me to choose the chain (and lately I have been sort of obsessed with this sparkly chain).  I haven't figured out yet if I will put some other fun beads in the chain...I'll just decide that later!


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