Thursday, June 17, 2010

De-stress that Mess

I know I know, I said my next post would be the start of a series where I describe how I construct my jewelry. But...have you ever just had one of those days- the kind where it starts with stepping in poop first thing in the morning? Well, I just did! So...I thought I would make a post about how not to be a stress mess.

My hobbies help me relive stress. Some of them because they are physical (like running), or because I get to see and use the fruits of my labor (like gardening) and others because I get pure enjoyment from creating something (like metalsmithing). But sometimes we need a little more than a hobby or a good bout of physical activity to de-stress. So I wanted to feature a few things that help me relax, enjoy life, and leave my worries behind. First, some of my local favorites...then some ETSY favorites.

A Good Cup of Tea
I recently discovered the Tea Haus in Ann Arbor. The staff was super friendly and informational, and they have a huge selection of teas. I have also heard really good things about Arbor Teas (but have to admit I haven't tried them- yet!). Both offer a variety of organic teas, but Arbor Teas goes the extra mile and uses 100% compostable packaging! So you can enjoy a cup of tea and be green at the same time!

Scrumptious Treats- Savory Side
It's no secret in Ann Arbor that Zinngermans Deli has a wealth of gourmet foods. My favorite is to graze the cheese offerings. Call me simple, but I especially love goat cheese and they have a number of varieties. I admit that Brian and I have sat at home with a cheese spread from the Zing, a bottle of nice vino, and go to town…for dinner…but hey, you only live once!

Scrumptious Treats- Sweet Side
Looking for a sweat treat? Cake Nouveau has a lovely collection of cupcakes, but I have also indulged in their cookies, and they were yummy!

Hand Made Items
One no-brainer smell for stress relief is lavender (I have a few plants in my garden). These organic bath salts combine lovely smells with relaxing effects of Epsom salt. Don’t have a tub? Try these hand poured candles from Swagalot’s ETSY shop. I love the smell of Ylang Ylang, and BONUS it is supposed to be a stress-relieving smell! These are made from natural soy which burns longer than traditional paraffin candles (which are a petroleum byproduct).

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